Our tobacco

At Chillma Tobacco everything is about quality and flavour. We only use the very best ingredients to create a unique experience for our customers.

The tobacco we work with is the foundation for this exceptional experience, which is why only the top quality of the German Virginia tobacco plant is used. Its full-bodied and sugary characteristics make it one of the most sought-after for the processing of first-class Shisha tobacco.

In line with the principle of offering only the best to our customers, nothing but the finest tobacco leaves are considered. Ultimately, the customer should be guaranteed a real treat. Therefore, it is essential not to compromise – also when it comes to aroma production.

Our aromas

When choosing the aromas, we carefully select German manufacturers. These are known to be true masters in the world of "flavours" and are able to reflect the visions of Chillma Tobacco in our flavours. With their help we create the best basis for the independently developed flavours that Chillma Tobacco uses in its production.
This way, our customers are not only offered quality but also an authentic taste.

Our production

As you have just read, everything evolves around "quality and flavour". A principle that we also apply in the production. We work with people who have many years of experience in production to ensure the lasting and authentic flavour of Chillma Tobacco. Exact procedures and temperatures are maintained, both during processing and when blending the tobacco.
The craftsmanship of experts and the age-old traditional storage procedure are essential for the high quality of the end product.